Excellence in Educating, Equipping, and Empowering.


To develop a comprehensive, well-planned ministry that effectively translates members into effective and functioning disciples. These disciples learn to embody the 4W’s, which comprise the mission of our ministry. We seek to accomplish this through a comprehensive Discipleship training program that tracks disciples’ developmental stages, ministry involvement, and overall assimilation.


New Partners Ministry
Imparts fundamental, core Christian and ministry values essential to progression in one’s relationship with God and the St. Paul church.

New Converts
It provides an understanding of the process of salvation.

Life University
Provides each Disciple of St. Paul and abroad with a spiritual, academic, and social environment in which Christ is the Foundation.

Living Extraordinary Groups (L.E.G.s):
Small discipleship groups that create a culture of connection, fellowship, and growth. Each group is committed to cultivating a Spirit of Shepherding, maintaining the integrity of the vision and mission of the church, and looking for ways to live out the vision and mission of St. Paul.

Levi Benjamin Leadership Institute:
Provides ongoing training to develop competent and capable, Kingdom-minded leaders.

Leadership St. Paul
Provides a comprehensive leadership development and nurturing training for first-time leaders or emerging leaders interested in advancing their leadership skills.

P.E.E.R.s (Parents Empowering Each Other Through Relationships)
Provides parents with strategic approaches to raising kingdom kids.

Ministry of Entrepreneurship
To encourage and support entrepreneurship, and potential entrepreneurs, in the pursuit of profitable businesses while employing Christian business practices and beliefs.