Excellence in prayer and pursuit of potential disciples.


To equip believers to be effective witnesses for Jesus Christ through Evangelism, Missions, and Visitation Ministry. We teach and train persons to evangelize through creatively working together to reach and witness to the lost. Out of this, church growth and expansion will occur.

Office Angels
This consists of volunteers assist with light clerical work, answering phones, and help where needed by serving joyfully, are diligent in assistance, serve with purpose and work together for the good of the ministry.


Evangelism Ministry
Coordinates and conducts evangelistic ministry opportunities throughout the community for the participation of the Ministries, Fellowships, and the congregation of the St. Paul Church.

Missions Ministry
Organizes Missions projects for participation from the Ministries, Fellowships, and the congregation of the St. Paul Church.

Pen Pal Ministry
Maintains correspondence with members’, their children, and relatives who are attending college, incarcerated, or otherwise out of the physical reach of the ministry.

Transportation Ministry
Provides quality transportation service to members/disciples for special events and worship services.

Monthly Food Distribution
To provide USDA Government commodities to all recipients who live in Duval County. Emergency food assistance is given on an as-needed basis.

Monthly Food distribution:

Every 2nd Monday’s 11:30am-1:00pm

Lunches of Love

2nd Sunday’s11:30am-12:30pm

Feeding our homeless and Community one bag at a time.

Books and Burgers Reading Initiative Program

Vista Landing Apartments

Thursday @6:00pm-7:30pm

OFF-Operation Family First

3rd Tuesdays @6:45 pm

Global Missions

Missionary work in Jinger, Uganda, our mission is to provide the basic needs for Orphans, food, meal, medical, and shelter.

Back- to- School Give-Away

Our Mission is to offer back to school supplies to our children in our local community.

College Blast- Off

Our Mission is to offer informational resources and college school supplies and care packages to our out- of- town students.

Thanksgiving Food Give-Away

Our Mission is to provide non-perishable food items for a wholesome meal to families in our local community for Thanksgiving.

Christmas Toy Give-Away

Our Mission is to provide toys and meals to children in our partnership, Reading Initiative and Community by providing toys and learning toys for Christmas.