Excellence in Spirit, Service, and Sound.


To create an atmosphere whereby each attendee can and will experience and encounter the living Lord, Jesus Christ, who manifests Himself through the Holy Spirit among the people of God. The outcome than being that thru prayer, music, giving, and preaching we will exalt Him, aggressively seek the lost and encourage the redeemed in the flow of the worship experience.



Altar Ministry
Aids those who have responded to the preached Word, whether for Salvation, Rededication, or Christian Experience.

Circles of Covenant Accountability (Ministers)
Through a regular rotating schedule, services the different areas and disciplines in/of worship for the adult, youth and children divisions of the ministry.

Fine Arts
Through dance, ministers to the congregation through the interpretive dance of relevant and appropriate music.

Health Care
Through the provision of first aid, serves as a safety net for medical emergencies that would occur in worship.

Through personal availability, greets entering worshippers with special emphasis on visitor relations.

Intercessory Prayer
Through intercession, serves as an advance agent for worship endeavors.

Media Ministry
Promotes the ministry through learned skills of camera operation, video/audio taping, sound, graphic design, photography, journalism, monitoring Streaming Faith viewers, web development, etc.

Member Relations
Provides customer service to members and guests by answering and providing information; aiding in church events, registration, and guest’s worship experience.

Music Ministry
Through congregational song, creates an atmosphere that fosters a clear and evident move of God

Registration Ministry
Cultivates a warm and friendly atmosphere as we accurately record and register members and guests for church events and conferences.

Through people and traffic control, ensures the safety of all those attending worship on the campus.

Through customer service, monitors, and aids in the worship experience by attending to the comfort and supporting needs of each worshipper.