2021 Prophetic Word

2020 was a year of great tumult and trauma. Many confessing Christians had a very challenging year in terms of their emotional and spiritual state. Yet here we are in 2021. Here’s what I’m hearing for what will be a turnaround year. In 2021, things that you have awkwardly survived from year to year will be definitely addressed. 2021 will be a year of RECHARGING, LAUNCHING and FAVOR!  The power of God will be unleashed to destroy yokes and break chains, setting the people free to pursue destiny like never before!  It will rest upon the people’s desire to please and obey God.

God declares, as the people begin to fully embrace obedience, I will open the doors that I have ALWAYS desired to open but because of inconsistency of the application of my Word, I have been handicap. God declares, I want to move your life beyond self-imposed LIMITS. Yet, it rests in obedience. In years past, I have spoken the Word through the Man of God, but many have forgotten and forsaken it before the first month was done. The year then settled into routine, but not 2021.  For those who will continue to submit, trusting what I am saying, you will see My HAND in full operation. God declares, I have grown weary watching your private life contradict my standard. So, you must give yourself away to ALL that I am declaring.

In 2021, your attitude will be key!  If you choose to be negative in conversation, I will close my hand. But for those who will be guided by OPTIMISM, declaring what you are hearing, I will OPEN THE HEAVENS and I will RELEASE THE FULL MEASURE of my FAVOR.

In 2021, unlike 2020, you will move quickly only because I will do it. It will be because you create a highly disciplined life, that bespeaks of a passion to obey Me. God declares, you will fight without weapons and win without stress. Yet, ALL VICTORIES will result because you intensify your WORSHIP, and you submerge yourself in My Word.

I am, says the Lord, destroying patterns and cycles that have become how you manage your year. I will release “gushing” abundance throughout the year. Believe that after 2020, things will look easier. This will be because you decide to seek My face and not struggle with the typical issues of others around you.

In 2021 God declares, I will cause everything, that defines a Godly life, to be at your disposal. This is the year of RETURN and PAYOFF!!

So, this year do the following:

  1. Make the SOWING principle a lifestyle. Harvest will be witnessed.
  2. Become a disciplined Bible reader.
  3. Develop a positive tongue, speaking life.
  4. Minimize negative moments by quickly disconnecting yourself.
  5. Serve with extreme accountability.
  6. Hunger for RIGHTEOUSNESS.
  7. Develop Godly, healthy relationship tendencies.


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