Excellence Kingdom leadership and Servant leadership.


To create a community of covenant and care. This ensures all partners of St. Paul stay connected and experience the love of Jesus Christ through others. The desire is that no partner feels that they are alone in life.


Visitation Ministry

Coordinates and schedules home, hospital, nursing home visits to the sick and shut-in, as well as absentee members.

Circles of Care (COC)
Cultivates covenant relationships among members while providing Pastoral Care through a small group Network.

Essence of Hope Grief Recovery Ministry
Provides support and nurturing care to those that are on a journey of recovery from Grief.

Nursing Homes
Coordinates and schedules worship services in local nursing homes.

Seeks to provide help to those who are facing personal challenges and struggles in meeting their basic needs.

Provides the nurturing, care, support and planning of the services when families are faced with the loss of a loved one(s).