Camera Operations

We have 3 Cameras that are operated with a switcher and joystick.

LIVE Streaming 

Viewing is through our Camera shots and you would be responsible for Recording and push and pulling lower 3rds. The full services are streamed.

Video/Audio Recording 

Recording occurs through Live Stream Studio and via recording to CD. Recording begins with Bishop Guns’ sermons.

Sound Engineering

Sound Engineers are responsible for making sure the sound in the sanctuary is great for everyone from the Band, Choir/Worship Team, Bishop, Dancers, as well as any guests or presentations.

Graphic Design 

Designing of promotional materials that showcase Bishop Guns, missions & evangelism, and events. All shared on Social Media and our web site.


Photographers will take photos of the Worship Experience, fellowship moments, events, etc., that will appear in video highlights and Social Media.

Website Management

This encompasses making sure the site is user friendly, has current information, shows upcoming events, and more.

Social Media

Social Media assistants ensure that promotions are share via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube @SPMBCJax. When streaming live they are to interact and respond to comments that may ask for prayer or need to be navigated to the right place and to get people engaged.