Our Mission

St Paul is a church that works in unity, embraces diversity, driven by compassion, love, grace and mercy, committed to working with individuals, families and the community to foster a relationship with Christ that empowers them to reach their maximum potential.

Our Vision

We are striving to become an undeniable example of a caring Christian community that is making a local and global impact.

What We Believe

St. Paul is destined to become “the most caring, covenant, Christian community the world has ever seen.” We are unmistakably positioned for greatness. A great ministry of disciples who seek to model the caring spirit of Jesus Christ, it is important that we place a strong emphasis on our stability as a covenant community.

Part of our strength and stability is in reinforcing the reason why we exist and ensuring that each partner clearly understands and operates in his/her personal commitment to this ministry. As partners of St. Paul Church of Jacksonville, we believe that everyone:

1. Worships
Cultivating a relationship with God is the first priority of the Christian Experience. Every disciple is expected to actively develop his/her own personal, obedient relationship with God active in giving the utmost esteem to His presence, His power, and His Word.

2. Witnesses
Our mission is to make disciples of/for Jesus Christ. We do that on two levels: through evangelizing the lost and edifying the Body of Christ. All Believers are charged with leading others to Christ through consciously and consistently sharing our faith. In addition, our lives are to be aligned to the gospel to the degree that we become examples of Godliness to both the world and other believers.

3. Tithes
Malachi 3:10-12 clearly describes the Tithe as God’s will, the church’s means, and the saint’s blessing. Tithing is an act of worship that shows us how to honor the Lord (Deut. 14:22-29) by giving back to Him a portion of what His grace has provided us. Every disciple of SPMBC seeks to honor the Lord through biblically-based giving, starting with the tithe as the foundation.

4. Are Caring and Covenant
We are “striving to become the most caring, covenant, Christian community the world has ever seen.” That means we make every attempt to live with others in the spirit of agreement, requiring that we respect and are responsive to the needs of others and the ministry as a whole.

5. Is Faithful in Attendance
In order to learn and grow in any arena of life, we must place ourselves in an environment that will produce the kind of growth we desire. Just as a plant can only bloom where it is firmly planted, such is the disciple. To grow in our faith and knowledge of God, it is important that we consistently plant ourselves in fellowship, study, and prayer (Acts 2:42; Psalm 92:13).

6. Is A Continual Learner
A Christian disciple is a learner, follower, and model of Jesus Christ. Though we serve a God that does not change, our understanding of God and His desire are constantly unfolding. Learners understand that education is an ongoing process. They actively expose themselves to revelation and quickly adapt their lives to it.

Pastoral Team

Bishop John Guns
Bishop John GunsSenior Pastor
Pastor J. Scott Cotton
Pastor J. Scott CottonExecutive Pastor
Pastor Sonjanique Guns
Pastor Sonjanique GunsPastor of Fellowship Ministries
Pastor Barbara Johnson
Pastor Barbara JohnsonPastor of Outreach & Community Development
Pastor Breon Hare
Pastor Breon Hare
Pastor Greg Kennedy
Pastor Greg Kennedy

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St. Paul is called to become the most Caring, Covenant, Christian Community the world has ever seen.

If you are seeking the presence of God, Seeking a place of worship, Seeking a church home, Seeking prayer,Seeking knowledge to become better in yourself and learn the word of God this is the place… Warm heart felt….and True.

Lazuras Weatherspoon

St. Paul is a Great Place to worship and have an encounter with God and receive a Life changing Word. The fellowship is awesome. Friendly and loving atmosphere.

Barbara Johnson

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